International Croquet Cup

From 25 to 29 January 2024

An event that promises to combine high-calibre croquet action, scenic splendour, and opportunities to connect with players and enthusiasts alike.

Endorsed by the esteemed South African Croquet Association, the Sugar Beach International Croquet Cup 2024 promises three unforgettable days of world-class croquet action, camaraderie, and thrilling experiences. Get up close and personal with some of the globe's most accomplished croquet players, as they showcase their skills and strategies on the pristine lawns.

Sugar Beach, the enchanting manor-style resort, nestled amongst lush greenery on the sun-drenched beaches of Flic-en-Flac, oozes glamour and opulence, blended with the mystique and magic of Mauritius. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking sea views and swaying palm trees, the event offers a unique and picturesque location for a croquet spectacle.

New to Croquet? Embrace this golden opportunity to learn the art of croquet from seasoned players. Engage in tutorials, and hands-on demonstrations, and even take part in a competition-grade hoop run.

Tournament Format:

Day 1 - Round-Robin Doubles Tournament:

Kick-start the festivities with an exhilarating doubles tournament, where players team up for friendly competition. Witness exciting match-ups as pairs battle it out on the croquet greens.

Day 2 - Singles Qualifying Blocks:

Day 2 sees the launch of the singles tournament with qualifying blocks. Players will engage in intense matches to secure a spot among the top two in each block.

Day 3 - Knockout Finals:

The excitement reaches its peak on the final day, with the top players from each block advancing to the knockout finals. Be prepared for heart-pounding action and strategic manoeuvres as they vie for the prestigious title.

Plate Playoff: Even for those who do not make it to the finals, the plate playoff promises spirited competition, as players vie for their own victory and recognition.

The Sugar Beach International Croquet Cup 2024 singles’ grand winner will receive a voucher for a 5-night stay at Sugar Beach on Half-Board Basis in a Deluxe Sea-View room.

All winners will be rewarded with trophies.

The Programme

Day 1 – Thursday 25th January 2024
Doubles tournament
8.30 am: Registration.
9 am: Morning Session.
1 pm: Lunch.
2 pm: Afternoon Session.
5 pm: End.

Day 2 - Friday 26th January 2024
Singles Block knockout:
8.30 am Registration.
9 am Morning Session.
1 pm Lunch.
2 pm Afternoon Session.
5 pm End.

Day 3 - Saturday 27th January 2024
9 am Quarter Finals.
10.30 am Semi-Finals.
12pm Lunch.
2 pm Finals.
5 pm End and Prize Giving.