Parties & Celebrations

Let the great times roll

Sugar Beach is the choice for the free spirited, searching for the ultimate party venue.

So let us whisk you away to a dazzling party place with endless white sands, azure seas and staggering sunsets.

A place where you can gather with a crowd of up to 1,000 and dance the night away. Sip on a glorious array of colourful cocktails expertly crafted by our resident mixologists and sample some seriously gorgeous food. All this, with the sand beneath your toes and the sun, or even stars shining above.

We can also serve a range of lovely nibbly food or you can take over one of our restaurants and bars and have an exclusive gathering that’s both inside and out.

Indian Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

This award dinner venue boasts a fantastic event space where our guests will embark on a sensory journey into the taste, spirit and culture of Indian cuisine with diya lamps burning brightly on each table accompanied by the memorable musical sound of the sitar.

White & Silver Night

Gala Dinner

Enter a world of timeless elegance and graciousness set in the serenity and intimacy of the Gov’s Lawns. Waiters dressed in white stand to attention at the entrance with trays of drinks to welcome guests. A Jazz Band will bring a touch of glamour to the event. The sight of shining candles and colourful floral centrepieces will give guests an idea of what awaits them on this magical evening. No event is ever complete without some great catering: a 4/5-course menu will be served to treat your taste buds.

After dinner, you can dance until dawn to the beat of our live band.

Out of Africa

Signature Event

A line of coaches awaits guests outside the reception of Sugar Beach to whisk them to a secret location. Upon arrival, guests will discover a large hunting lodge decorated with stuffed deer heads and rifles in front of which waiters dressed in khaki play the game, immersing guests in a safari atmosphere in the heart of Africa. The guests are then invited to sip a glass of wine and warm their hands in front of the huge campfire while the lamb and wild boar aromatically finish roasting on the open charcoal spits.

Mauritian Festival BBQ

Signature Event

Live the authentic Mauritian experience with your toes wiggling in the sand and a starlit sky before your eyes … what better way to experience the Mauritian way of life – joy, carefreeness and high spirits! The dress code is very casual with floral Sega dresses for ladies and flowery shirts for gentlemen.

Flaming torches are lit on the sand pathways to guide you to the aperitif area where you are welcomed by smiling waiters and waitresses serving refreshing local cocktails in coconuts and pineapples for you to enjoy while watching local pirogues (typical fishing boats) sail past to the pulsating sound of the ‘Sega’ – our local folklore dance. A troupe of dancers will invite you to join them for this most sensual dance performed around a bonfire on the beach. If the sights and sounds of Sega can be mesmerising, know that the evening has only just begun… The buffet is open and you are invited by the dancers to experience the exotic cuisines of Mauritius … live in the moment!