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International Croquet Cup

From 24 to 29 January 2024

An event that promises to combine high-calibre croquet action, scenic splendour, and opportunities to connect with players and enthusiasts alike.

Endorsed by the esteemed South African Croquet Association, the Sugar Beach International Croquet Cup 2024 promises three unforgettable days of world-class croquet action, camaraderie, and thrilling experiences. Get up close and personal with some of the globe's most accomplished croquet players, as they showcase their skills and strategies on the pristine lawns.

Sugar Beach, the enchanting manor-style resort, nestled amongst lush greenery on the sun-drenched beaches of Flic-en-Flac, oozes glamour and opulence, blended with the mystique and magic of Mauritius. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking sea views and swaying palm trees, the event offers a unique and picturesque location for a croquet spectacle.

New to Croquet? Embrace this golden opportunity to learn the art of croquet from seasoned players. Engage in tutorials, and hands-on demonstrations, and even take part in a competition-grade hoop run.

Confirmed Players


Robert has been playing croquet since he was 10 years old, Robert won the AC World championships in 2013 and is currently the number 1 ranked AC and GC player in the world. 


Jenny has been playing since the nineties. Croquet career highlights include winning the 2014 MacRobertson Shield 
and the Women’s AC World Championship in 2012, as well as three Australian Open titles. 


President of Dulwich Croquet Club, often known as the ‘funnest’ croquet club around. He has been playing croquet for 12 years with highlights including representing England at the 2019 WCF Simon Carter World Golf Croquet Championship


Neil, started playing golf croquet in 2012 with the goal of playing good club croquet. Neil was selected for the RSA 2013 World Golf Croquet Team, has won the Western Province singles GC tile several times and is the current holder of South African singles GC title

Tournament Itinerary

A new international croquet competition in a stunning destination. Featuring 3 days of play, players dinners, drinks parties and all inclusive accomodation including a range of activities.

Day 1 - Arrival Day - Wednesday 24th January 2024
Welcome dinner in the evening for all the players.

Day 2 - Doubles Competition - Thursday 25th January 2024
Morning start for a round robin doubles competition. All players break for lunch. Afternoon session to conclude competition. Sunset drinks on the lawn and entertainment followed by dinner.

Day 3 - Singles Group Stages - Friday 26th January 2024
Players split into 4 blocks, each block plays a half day session. The rest of the day is available for players to enjoy the hotel and other available activities such as golf, tennis and snorkelling.

Day 4 - Singles Finals - Saturday 27th January 2024
Singles knockout competition finishing with drinks on the lawn, followed by the gala dinner and prize giving.

Day 5 - Relaxation Day - Sunday 28th January 2024
Free day for all players to enjoy themselves at the hotel.

Day 6 - Departure Day - Monday 29th January 2024
To enjoy the last day at the hotel.

Tournament Format

16 players will play across 2 lawns, situated in front of the main hotel building and overlooking the sea. The competition will be played over 3 days, consisting of a 1 day doubles competition and a 2 day singles knockout competiton.

Day 2 - Doubles Competition - Thursday 25th January 2024
Round robin, all play all, doubles competiton of 8 teams.
9 am - Morning Session
1 pm - Lunch
2 pm - Afternoon Session
5 pm - Finish with drinks on the lawn

Day 3 - Singles Group Stages - Friday 26th January 2024
Players split into 4 blocks of 4 for half a day of play (3 games per session).
Top 2 players qualify to finals.
9 am - Morning Session - Blocks A and B
2 pm - Afternoon Session - Blocks C and D

Day 4 - Singles Finals - Saturday 27th January 2024
Singles knockout competition finals. The top 2 players from blocks A, B, C and D are entered into the competition knockout. The remaining 2 players in each block are entered into the plate compeititon knockout.
9 am - Morning Session
2 pm - Afternoon session
5 pm - Drinks on the lawn and entertainment
7 pm - Gala Dinner and prize giving